• Death Cafe article in Bunyip newspaper
    Death Cafe article in Bunyip newspaper

Where is (human) death in our everyday?

It’s not in our homes, communities, workplaces or schools. It’s hidden away and outsourced to the medical, legal and funeral industries. We perceive life as ‘good’ and death as ‘bad’.

Our death system is being disrupted. Over the last five years there has been an explosion of creative, community-generated arts and performance based activities that are empowering people to rethink and reclaim death in their life.

  • As a researcher-participant-facilitator, I host and blog about these activities such as Death Cafés, Before I Die walls, Dying To Know Day, Death Over Dinner, Life Over Lunch, Die-alogue Cafes, Dying To Talk, 10 Things To Know Before You Go workshop, Coffin and shroud making and decorating and more.
  • As a Social Ecologist I question our body disposal practices and explore more sustainable methods such as natural burial, recomposition, exposure (sky) burial, alkaline hydrolysis, promession and more.
  • As a bereaved mother, experiencing after death communications from my son who tragically died in a car accident, I continue finding meaningful ways to be in this world without Robbie and with Jess.

Five years ago death was a scary stranger; an intangible, abstract, linear concept that was a long way down the track; totally absent from my life. Today death is a tangible, sensual, constant companion that is ubiquitously present in my everyday.

The paradox is that the more I entangle life and death, the more vitally alive I become and the more connected I become to everything; human, nonhuman, animate and inanimate.

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