101 Euphemisms for Dead, Death or Dying


This is an article about the euphemisms we use for death and dying. My personal favorite is “Immortality-challenged”. Below is a small excerpt from the list.

• Bit the dust
• Checked out
• Climbed the stairway to heaven
• Croaked
• Entered the Pearly Gates
• Feeding the worms
• His/Her number’s up
• Kicked the bucket
• Knocking on heaven’s door
• Left the building
• Passed away
• Pushing up daisies
• Resting in peace
• Rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible
(from the classic Monty Python sketch, “Dead Parrot”)
• Shuffled off the mortal coil (uttered most famously by Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play)
• Six feet under (the traditional depth at which a body is buried)
• Toes up
• Walked the plank
• Was called home
• Went to Davy Jones’ Locker
• Went to the Happy Hunting Grounds

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