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Something for You for Robbie’s Day

Extension ABC with Robby D cover

“Are you planning something for Robbie’s day?”  A friend private messaged me this question on Facebook a week ago. Planning something? My mind went into freefall. Planning something sounded grand, elaborate and meaningful; an event. Planning something sounded like an expectation to engage with the moment, the day, the past two years of finding a […] Read more…

“Off The Cuff”: Throwaway lines

Off The Cuff

A Google search assures us that the oft cited phrase, off the cuff, means “without preparation, impromptu, ad lib.” At Toastmasters we call off the cuff speaking: Table Topics. People die a thousand deaths waiting for their turn; well I do. Improving at Table Topics; off the cuff speaking; is my challenge. Magic happens when a […] Read more…

What would Nature do?

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I was down by the lily-pond leaning against the rough, black trunk of an iron-bark tree; sheltering in its shade from the hot afternoon sun. We were a group of students tasked with mindfully communing with nature; searching for an answer to an issue in our lives. This was a class exercise for the subject, […] Read more…