Antipodes conference 2016

Margaret presenting Badger Bates print to Tracy

Margaret presenting Badger Bates print to Tracy

I met Pauliina Rautio at Antipodes Conference. Sue and I placed rocks on the speakers desk to show our support for her work. She mentioned them in her opening.

Here is her blog post about the Antipodes Conference:

EVENTS: ‘Pissing in the wind’ at the Antipodes

[Excerpt from blog] “Thursday began with Pauliina’s keynote. … And she almost teared up before even beginning the talk: people had carried little stones in their pockets to the lecture hall and placed them on the table in front of her (just in case every single person in the universe has not read all of Pauliina’s papers, which is unlikely because she is such a superstar, the stones were a reference to her 2013 article in Children’s Geographies ( Notes were made of life and death as multiple and of the species problem as generative both philosophically and empirically.”

I was so inspired by her talk. She invited us to look for the metaphoric platypus in our systems that we work in. She spoke about “a life”.

Here is link to recording of her keynote on my Dropbox




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