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Speaking about death won’t kill you

“Speaking about death won’t kill you just like speaking about sex won’t make you pregnant.” We are so disconnected from death in our secular Western culture. We don’t do death well. How do I know this? From experience. From a cultural point of view, I was totally unprepared for my son’s death 2.5 years ago. […] Read more…

Dead Curious: My first Death Cafe

Death Cafe Gawler

On a sunny Sunday autumnal afternoon; 12 of us experienced our first Death Café. The aptly named “Conversations Café” in Gawler, South Australia, provided the nurturing space for our group-directed conversation about Death. With warming drinks and a yummy home-made treat from Mignon within reach, we were ready to begin. As the participant-facilitator I opened […] Read more…

“Off The Cuff”: Throwaway lines

Off The Cuff

A Google search assures us that the oft cited phrase, off the cuff, means “without preparation, impromptu, ad lib.” At Toastmasters we call off the cuff speaking: Table Topics. People die a thousand deaths waiting for their turn; well I do. Improving at Table Topics; off the cuff speaking; is my challenge. Magic happens when a […] Read more…

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