CoC in 3MT format

Just back from the Autumn School for Research Students at Western Sydney Uni. My mind is on fire with ideas and what to do with them for my thesis. My aim for the week was to come home with clarity around my research so I can write my Confirmation of Candidature (CoC) document. For my 30 minute presentation timeslot I presented my ideas in the 3-minute Thesis format (3MT). This format allows you 3 minutes to tell your audience about your research. You are allowed 1 slide. Here is what I said:

Death Cafe Barossa Invitation

Death Cafe Barossa Invitation

You have been invited to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death at the next Death Café.

What are your first thoughts?

Oh that’s a bit weird, a bit dark, a bit odd.

I’m sure it would grab your attention even if you didn’t go.


Because we don’t like talking about death. We always seem surprised when death knocks on our door. Which seems odd as we all know we are going to die.

Death didn’t just knock on my door.

On the 4th April 2012 it crashed through my home and rearranged the furniture forever.

My 22 year old son, Robbie, was killed in a car accident.

I had nothing. I didn’t know what to think, feel, say or do.

I had few cultural cues in how to respond coming face to face with death.

My experience is that I live in a death phobic culture where death is an outcast and we are afraid.

I want to be part of the global movement that is changing that.

My Thesis title is: Becoming death and grief literate when we are well.

I am framing the research around the concepts of death literacy and embodied learning.

My methodology is Phenomenology.

I will be generating data through writing my own story and running a series of community-based workshops that engage all the senses such as a Death cafe, Before I Die wall, Die-alogue Cafe and decorating your own coffin.

The workshops will be videoed and the participants will be interviewed.

I will use Grounded Theory to analyse the data.

I’m aiming to present my Confirmation in July this year.

So are you coming to the next Death Café?

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