For Robbie

Libby, Robbie’s uni friend, wrote this poem for Robbie within a day or so of his death. We used it on the bookmark handed out at Robbie’s funeral.

Bookmark given out at Robbie's funeral with Libby's poem

Bookmark given out at Robbie’s funeral with Libby’s poem

Full of life, full of love, full of passion and heart,
Living each day creating beautiful art.
Touching the lives of those you passed by,
Leaving an impression, not even needing to try.

Brightening each day with your mischievous smile,
Every moment you lived, you made it worthwhile.
The life of the party, the fun in the joke,
Inspiring a moment … what a wonderful bloke.

Your presence was felt like a breath of fresh air,
Always taking a minute to show that you care.
You taught passion and pride and to live for the now,
We will do it for you Rob, this is our vow.

We say goodbye now, to a bright glowing ember,
But rest assured you will forever be remembered.
Dancing around in the hearts and the minds
Of those you all too soon, sadly left behind.

by Libby Druit
Robbie’s friend, Newcastle Uni

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