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I started this blog on 4 April 2014. That’s just over 3 years ago. It’s time for a new home page that reflects the changes that have happened to this blog and to me during that time. This post keeps a copy of where it all started.

  • Death Cafe article in Bunyip newspaper
    Death Cafe article in Bunyip newspaper

We are all just a car crash, a diagnosis … or a newfound love away from becoming a completely different person“. (Samuel Decker Thompson)

It was a car crash that catapulted me into that liminal space of becoming a completely different person. I remain transfixed at the threshold where life becomes death becomes life …

My 22 year old son, Robbie, was tragically killed in a car crash at 11:50am EST the Wednesday before Easter 2012. I had no idea how to respond. I didn’t know what to think, feel, say or do. I had few cultural cues for dealing with human death in my secular urban life. With little resistance from me in my dumbfounded state, our Death System efficiently took over and expeditiously dealt with Robbie’s death. It quickly swept death neatly and cleanly away so we could all get back to living our lives. Human death is not visible or welcomed in our Australian urban lives. Why?

This blog, launched on Robbie’s second memorial, started recording my musings on how I am becoming death and grief literate in my death phobic culture. Death is “momentous, miraculous and mysterious” (Katrina Spade; Urban Death Project). This is my lived journey as I answer the question: “How can I be in this world without Robbie?

We are now officially in the age of the Anthropocene having conversations about the possible extinction (death) of the human species. How can we even comprehend that collective death when we are so afraid of our own personal death? Can one inform the other? How are they related?

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