What a Coincidence! – the speech

2014 Division Contest

2014 Division Contest

Without fail, my partner always finds that prime parking place.
What a coincidence!
Don’t you hate that?

Have you even gone to phone a friend to find your friend is phoning you?
What a coincidence!
Don’t you love that?

Or it suddenly hits you that Jack The Ripper and Kermit The Frog share the same middle name.
What a silly idea.

What is a coincidence? A coincidence is when seemingly random events, happening out there, suddenly become meaningfully connected for you in here.

Carl Jung, the 20th century psychiatrist, pioneered the concept of Synchronicity. Synchronicity is when seemingly random events, happening out there, suddenly become meaningfully connected for you in here. When you live your life with an awareness of coincidences and their meanings, you live in a state of synchronicity. You connect with that underlying field of unlimited possibilities. And that; Contest Chair, Ladies and Gentlemen; is where the magic begins.

The magic happened for me on the 4th of April, two years ago. Imagine you were sitting with me in a training room, in Adelaide, with 18 other students. Our facilitator, Joy, was running behind time. “I know we’re late for our morning break but I need to finish this topic.”

At the mention of time, we all looked up at the clock on the wall. It was coming up for 11:20am. Joy was urging us to tell her the values we encourage in a classroom.
“RESPECT, yes”
“ah TIMELINESS, yes”.
“But there’s one more I’m after. What is it?”

Out of nowhere, I felt a lump in my throat like you get when you’re holding back tears. You know that feeling? Feeling foolish I surreptitiously dug my nails into my wrist hoping that sharp pain would stop those tears. I knew the word Joy was after. I was being overwhelmed by it.
“Yes Abby. LOVE. Now let’s take that break.”

I ran out of that room and rang my partner. Who, coincidently, had just pulled into that prime parking place. If you were walking by, you would have heard me unabashedly blubbering into that phone:  “Sweetheart, I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t stop crying.” I composed myself and went back to class.

The uniformed police officer was patiently waiting for me when I arrived home that night.
“Mrs Davis, I regret to inform you that your son Robert has been killed in a car accident.”
“What time did he die?”
11:50am in Newcastle. 30 minutes ahead of Adelaide, 11:20am.
What a coincidence!

Or was it more than that? Was I connecting with that synchronistic, underlying field, of unlimited possibilities where the magic begins? At the exact moment my son was dying, I was being overwhelmed by an intense feeling of LOVE as Joy was writing the word LOVE on the board. Was my beautiful boy letting me know he loved me one last time?

Where do you think the magic was in that moment? The magic was in being aware of Robbie’s last embrace of love. His love is a gift that sustains me every day.  It’s sustaining me right now.

Northern Stars Toastmasters Members

Northern Stars Toastmasters attending the 2014 Division Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next time you find that prime parking place or your friend phones you as you’re phoning them and you hear yourself saying “what a coincidence”,
Ask yourself, what is the meaning for me? Connect with that synchronistic, underlying field, of unlimited possibilities.  Let the magic begin!

And yes, my partner did find that prime parking place today. Right next to the white Landcruiser with jumper leads. Flat battery. What a coincidence!

This was the speech I delivered at the 2014 Toastmasters Division Contest in the International category. I was fortunate to receive Second Place. Thank you for all the support, encouragement and love from friends, family and fellow Toastmasters, especially Northern Stars from Gawler.

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